The GSRF is hosted on Delphi forums and is a private forum.  To apply for membership, either click the link below and on the screen following provide your name, company affiliation and status within the industry(new retailer, in the process of starting up, etc.) and click submit.  Someone will get back to you shortly, usually within 24 hours.  You may also e-mail directly at

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Portal to the GSRF discussion forum hosted on Delphi.

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While the GSRF is intended as a resource for new stores and startup ventures specifically, and we strive to keep the “signal to noise” ratio at a minimum, we will occasionally accept industry veterens if we feel that they can add a specific value to the forum that is not already currently present.  All veteran professional applications are reviewed by the 8 member GSRF Advisory Board.  If you would like to be considered, please use the e-mail above and include your name, company affiliation, years in the industry and what specific expertise you bring with you.  Also feel free to include any other information you feel may be relevant.


Uncomfortable In Crowds?

Have a specific problem and don’t feel comfortable discussing it in front of a crowd?  Just prefer a bit of one on one advice or assistance?  For those of you who have specific needs or would prefer personalized assistance, please check the “Resources” section of the website for more information on our “One On One Mentoring.”

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