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The Game Store Resource Forum, or GSRF as it is commonly known, came into being in the spring of 2003.† It came from a very simple idea, which had a great deal of encouragement; that being to offer a closed discussion forum where new retailers just entering the industry could ask questions of and solicit opinions from established industry veterans in a form of a very loose cyber panel discussion.

It is very much a group effort, for without the industry professionals who have graciously donated their personal time the GSRF would not have achieved the synergy needed to create a self sustaining force for the assistance of new retailers.† The GSRF has the many distributors and manufacturers within the industry to thank for itís success, as in many instances they have referred individuals to us for assistance.

The GSRF has always operated under a very simple philosophy.† That being the fact that a failed store helps no one.† It does not help other local stores in itís market who must endure a competitors going out of business sale.† It does not help distributors who may be left with unpaid invoices from a closed store or pre-ordered products which there suddenly is no store for.† And it doesnít help manufacturers whoís products are suddenly found flooded into a particular market as the store liquidates.

It is our goal to do what little we can to give every new store the best shot at success we can.


Game Store Resource Forum

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